Ravian School System is a registered school system with a registered trademark name and logo.  The basic purpose behind Ravian School System is to produce students having skills and education of modern day to day life with Islamic education and practices. We want to educate our students’ the Islamic education, value education and modern education by which our students can become responsible, groomed and successful citizens of Pakistan. We will give regular academic and administrative support to our Network Associates. Centralized school operations and procedures, policies, curriculum, scheme of work, daily lesson plans, resources, and teachers trainings, examination papers, activity calendars. We will help our Network Associates to improve their strengths through a comprehensive monitoring and evaluation program.



Ravian School System believes that quality education is fundamental right of every child. Through professionals, value oriented experiences, blend of modern & Islamic practices, we look forward students, who are nation builders, fully equip by discipline, education, and training to lead the Pakistan.

You are the nation’s leaders of Tomorrow

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