How to Conduct a Borad Meeting Online

Meetings on the internet aren’t the same as meetings in person, but they do offer more flexibility for members, and are easier to monitor. They also require more etiquette for board meetings and can present their own problems. Here are some best practices to adhere to:

Begin the meeting by sharing the video of all participants, if possible, to establish an in-person connection to remote participants right from the get-go. This will also help prevent confusion when addressing any concerns or issues. It’s also recommended to include the agenda at the start of the meeting. Also, invite participants to comment or ask questions throughout the discussion.

Test all cameras before the meeting to make sure they’re functioning properly. Directors should also dress professionally and appear camera-ready by closing any tabs that might be distracting, and avoiding the glare of windows and other distractions. It’s also recommended for directors to mute their microphone when they aren’t speaking or using the chat feature on the meeting to notify the moderator if they’re required to leave of the video.

If the board has a secure software for managing its board with voting and polling features, it’s simple to include the opinions of each member into decisions and help everyone feel that their opinions are valued. It’s ideal for the chair or other officers to remind everyone of the post-meeting tasks that are required, like filling out the board survey or collecting electronic signatures.

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